Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two Year Olds don't need Fancy Toys

Case in point:

James spends about as much time playing with his toys every day as he does playing with things that aren't even technically toys. Yesterday he ran around with a flashlight for a good hour and a half. :)

Incidentally, he buckled himself into his car seat like that on his own. And just after I took the video, he put the shoes on and brought his jacket to me and told me he was going on a trip. I told him to be safe. Ah, the life of a toddler!

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Bushel and a Peck

We're alive!

James has another song to share with you all:

As you can tell, James is a bit wired in this video. He can't even stand still. This is my cue that it's nap time because he's so tired that he's afraid to stop moving. Ha ha.

We're doing well. James tries our patience sometimes as he discovers what it means to be a two year old. He still keeps us laughing, though, and constantly amazes us with how fast he learns things. My pregnancy is going smoothly. Nine weeks to go! I keep meaning to have Paul take a picture of me when I'm actually showered and dressed (a rare occurrence these days ;) ) to show how big I've gotten in the last 11 weeks since I posted a belly picture. Paul is enjoying his job, especially right now as he's running a fantasy baseball league with some of his coworkers. :)

I'll try not to let another month go by without posting more frequently!