Monday, September 8, 2014

Back to School for James - Then and Now

There are certain moments in family life that are perfect for starting new traditions. One of these moments was last fall when James was getting ready to start kindergarten. Paul and I had several conversations about what we wanted "back to school" to feel like in the Peterson family. Some things were a given: back to school father's blessings, new school supplies, new clothes. 

Other than the obvious, though, we thought we'd start a couple simple but fun traditions that the kids could look forward to each fall. One thing we started was dates with mommy and daddy. Separately, Paul and I each took James out on a little one-on-one date to do something fun. We know as the kids grow up, special time alone with them will be something they remember. And having this tradition means it will happen at least once a year. 

The other thing we decided on were video interviews that we can look back on over the years and watch them grow up.

Here is James as a little kindergartner last September:

And here he is now! James starting first grade:

I sure love this boy.

Friday, September 5, 2014

A Video Filled Update

Hello family and friends!

Well, at least this time it was less than 10 months between updates! We had a pretty good summer filled with ups (finally getting our back yard finished!) and downs (a solid month in there where at least one of us was sick). Perhaps I'll get back on the blogging train and update on some of that stuff.

For today, here's an update on each of my kids:

Ruth is a happy, chubby baby. She's already six months old (what?!), and is still near the top of the charts in weight and height. In the last couple weeks she has pretty well mastered scooting. Now if only she'd stay still long enough to figure out how to sit up!

Sam is hilarious when he is in a good mood. He babbles all the time, but hasn't really started talking much yet. He started nursery in May. He loves milk and Pentatonix videos. He's a true mommy's boy, and I can't get enough of his cuddles.

Sarah suddenly seems all grown up. She is thrilled to be starting preschool in a couple weeks, and loves to tell everyone--strangers at the store included--about it. She still loves dancing. One of her favorite things to do is make up songs and then dance around while singing them. I'll have to get a video of that sometime. in first grade. (Whaaaa?!) We're just finishing up the first week of school, and he is adjusting wonderfully. Unlike his mother, who has to resist the urge to hold on to him and not let go every morning. He loves school, and so far is handling the transition to his Spanish Immersion school quite well! I have a video interview we did of him a couple days before school started, but I realized that it's on Paul's phone instead of mine. I'll have to post that one separately. For now, here are a couple first day of school pics that most of you have already seen on Facebook:

Time continues to pass too quickly. The daily struggle of trying to live and cherish these precious moments while fulfilling all the mundane day to day requirements of four little people is ongoing. I sure love them, though. The heart's capacity to love is awesome.