Monday, September 8, 2014

Back to School for James - Then and Now

There are certain moments in family life that are perfect for starting new traditions. One of these moments was last fall when James was getting ready to start kindergarten. Paul and I had several conversations about what we wanted "back to school" to feel like in the Peterson family. Some things were a given: back to school father's blessings, new school supplies, new clothes. 

Other than the obvious, though, we thought we'd start a couple simple but fun traditions that the kids could look forward to each fall. One thing we started was dates with mommy and daddy. Separately, Paul and I each took James out on a little one-on-one date to do something fun. We know as the kids grow up, special time alone with them will be something they remember. And having this tradition means it will happen at least once a year. 

The other thing we decided on were video interviews that we can look back on over the years and watch them grow up.

Here is James as a little kindergartner last September:

And here he is now! James starting first grade:

I sure love this boy.

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Jamie Hansen said...

What an awesome tradition! I love it. I especially liked his answer for favorite shirt to wear last year. Note to self - influence James toward liking the Braves by getting him cool Braves shirts. :)