Monday, January 24, 2011


Sarah doesn't like to perform on command, unlike her older brother, who loves the attention.  It's been pretty hard for me to get a good video of Sarah scooting.  She's gotten pretty good at getting anywhere she wants to go.  She's even starting to try and get her belly off the ground a bit.

On Saturday morning I enlisted Paul's help in making a video.  It worked a lot better than when it's just me. :)

I can't believe my little Sarah is eight months old this week!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Freight Train!

James' favorite book changes with his mood. However, one of his very favorites almost any day is Freight Train. Thank you, Grandma Hansen, for such a fun book!

Today, James and I decided to build a freight train out of playdough. (Ok, ok, I'll confess. James just said, "Let's make a train!" And I thought, "Oh my goodness! We have all the colors to make the train from that book!" So I took the idea and ran with it. Silly mommy!)

James absolutely loved it. Here's a video of him "reading" the book and showing off his cool train. (Sorry for the shaky video. I had to hold Sarah while I filmed so that she wouldn't scream. She's going through a Cling to Mommy phase.)

Unfortunately, after we made the video, James had to learn the sad lesson that playdough creations have a very short life span and we had to squish it and put it away so the playdough wouldn't dry out. What a hard lesson for a toddler to learn! He got over it pretty quickly (now he's making towers out of the playdough containers and knocking them down), but he cried big tears first!