Monday, May 11, 2009

Saturday Sunshine

We had a pretty great Mother's Day weekend. On Friday, our friend Emily flew into town for a friend's wedding and we got to spend the evening with her eating good food and playing games. Unfortunately, she had to leave bright and early the next morning. We hope you find more reasons to come visit Portland, Emily! :)

We dropped Emily off at the Portland Temple in Lake Oswego, and since we were there, we decided to go to a French bakery near Paul's work for a delicious breakfast. After stuffing our faces, Paul and I decided it was time to buy James his first Wiffle ball and bat! It was a gorgeous day, so we went to a big field at a middle school close by and had a great time playing 2 on 2 Wiffle baseball with our friends, the Belnaps. Thanks for coming to play, guys! In the match up of the Petersons versus the Belnaps, the Petersons did very well and kept a pretty good lead until they blew it in the last inning (I tried to tell Paul it was a bad idea for me to pitch! ;) ). The Belnaps went home Champions. :) I'm thinking we need a rematch. Ha ha. What do you think Adam and Claudia?

Anyway, we did spend some time trying to teach James to swing a bat, but he wasn't really interested. He was more into chasing the balls around and enjoying the sunshine. Here are some cute pictures we took of James with his new toys:

James now says "bat", and he toddles around the living room dragging his bat all over the place saying "bat! bat! bat!" It's pretty cute. :)


Lisa said...

Tell us more about the wiffle ball game . . . Jennie . . . and pitching . . .

Claudia said...

Oh, it is SOOO on! We had a great time, too!