Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Tale of Paul's Facial Hair


Many of you have noticed something a little peculiar about pictures of Paul lately. ;)

For the first time in his adult life, Paul made an attempt to grow some facial hair. I didn't think it was possible, but it turns out it is. Why did he decide to give it a try? Well, Paul's a good sport, right? He's pretty much always up for fun and/or silly endeavors. It's part of why I love him so much. (Aww!) So, of course, when Paul heard that his department at work likes to have a little facial hair growing party during the month of October every other year, he was totally game--a little unsure, but game.

It all started out a little dicey. Those of you that know Paul are aware that he is a little lacking in the facial hair department. It's the Asian in him. ;) It started to grow, but it was definitely sparse. A few weeks in, though, it started to fill in ever so slightly. Suddenly, Paul had an honest to goodness goatee! And yes, he was proud of his little goatee. :)

Here's the team on the last day of the challenge:

And here are some closeups:

Before the shaving begins, Paul is confident that he is hot stuff.

Shaving has commenced. No more 'stache!

Yes, you have a cute smile, Paul. But now it's time for the rest to go!

Paul mourns the loss of his beloved goatee.

All is well, though! He may have lost a goatee, but he has gained a happy wife! I'm so glad I have my husband's face back!


Adamo said...

Hehehe! At least he wasn't sporting the mutton chops of some of his coworkers!

Kaylene said...

You're a good sport for letting that happen. I think facial hair is ick. I'm glad he got a manly moment, though. They need that occasionally. :)

Stephie said...

well Paul did it for October, my hubby's doing it for November. There's a little thing we've learned about called "no shave November" and apparently every day you don't shave in November you donate to a charity just like $5 a day. anyways I'm all for it. it's fun. :) Way to be a good sport.

Stephanie said...

too funny...I remember even making a comment on one of your pictures and said, that facial hair or pen marks...from the halloween picture.