Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's this? A Sunny Day?

Here in Oregon we are finally starting to see some sunny days mixed in with the dreary rain.  Today's high is forecast to be 71 degrees!  As soon as I saw that, I knew we needed to get outside for some much needed vitamin D. :)  We packed up a picnic lunch, bought some sidewalk chalk and bubbles, and headed to the park  with our good friends Claudia and Claire.

I was sure to slather on the sunscreen and cover my kids' heads.  They are true Pacific Northwesterners, and they don't know what to do with themselves when the sun comes out.  

 James and Claire had a wonderful time running around and playing on the playground.

What a goofy grin!  I think he was having fun, don't you? ;)

Sarah was content to stay on the blanket with me and Claudia and play with the sidewalk chalk.

Ah, what a glorious day!  Beautiful sunshine, kids having fun, food to eat, and good friends!


Paula said...

You have beautiful kids! I love the pictures and I'm so excited to see you guys soon!

Kira: said...

Such cute pictures!


Your daughter is so cute!!

Claudia said...

Thanks again for inviting us!! The pictures turned out nice! I'm glad you got some of James and Claire going down the double slide together. I'll admit, I still haven't looked at mine. I did get one of them going down the twisty slide together though. Anyway, thanks again for a great day!

Sharon said...

What a fun day! That kind of day makes my whole week better.