Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

Our Father's Day didn't go exactly as planned because both James and Sam were sick. We made the most of it, though! We all stayed home together and spent the day relaxing as a family and eating good food (if I do say so myself ;) ).

The kids gave Paul their funny little (dollar store) gifts that they picked out and paid for themselves. Everyone took naps except mom. We read books together. Paul and I talked to our own fathers.

I made a southwestern skillet for breakfast, which ended up being more like brunch. I made cranberry cola glazed ribs with brown rice, corn on the cob, and strawberries for dinner. And finally, I made french vanilla bean ice cream and brownies for dessert. The skillet was delicious. The ribs were tasty but dry (I'm pretty sure I overcooked them). And the ice cream was my best vanilla yet! I used a real vanilla bean for the first time. Thank you, Amazon, for the decently priced vanilla beans!

Ha ha, I'm link happy today. Too funny.

We asked James if he knew the song the primary kids were going to sing in sacrament meeting for Father's Day, and he said, "Yes! And I can sing it!" Here's a video of our little at-home performance since he was sick and missed the real thing (sorry to our family that has already heard him sing this):

Anyway, it was a wonderful day celebrating a wonderful daddy!

Baby Sam had a banana for dinner and he got it all over his clothes. But just look at that cute belly! :)

Thank you for all you do for our family, Paul! We love you!

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Jeff said...

Sounds like a yummy meal! Wish we could have been there to eat it. :)