Saturday, October 11, 2008

All bundled up!

It's gotten chilly here! In the past couple of days I've not only had to turn on the heater in James' room at night, but also during the day in our living room! And those of you who know me well, know that I enjoy putting off turning on the heater in the fall for as long as I possibly can. Maybe I've turned wimpy, but I was cold!

Paul's last fall softball league is not quite finished, and he had his usual double header last night. I knew it would be cold, but James and I were brave and decided to tough it out. We bundled James up in a long sleeved outfit, socks and shoes, a hat, and his nice Angels coat (thanks again Uncle Jeff!). The Angels coat is 12 month size, so it's still a tad big. But it's SO cute!

See for yourself:

James did better than me in the cold. He had a good time watching his daddy hit a home run and cuddling with his mommy under a big quilt to stay warm. We were the only family of Paul's team that braved the cold to support them. I gotta say, that made me a little bit proud. :)


Lisa said...

Or it means you have no life! Oh snap. You know, that was actually kind of mean. I think I need to go eat something . . .

He is SO cute! What a great coat!

My Word Verification sounds like the name of a demon from the Old Testament: Iuzbil.

Grace said...

Hey if gramma grace could of been there to see her son play she would have withstood the cold too..I would have been there even if there was a blizzard. I use to love to watch Paul pitch. But I guess that's out...but I use to love him hit as well...hitting so many home runs is incredible keep it up PP! Love mom