Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back to Happy

Well, I can't handle having a sad picture at the top of my blog very long. ;) Sure enough, just after I posted that entry about James being sick he started to get better! We had a fun afternoon, and by the evening James was his old self again. Today he ate a normal sized breakfast and seems to have pretty much kicked the bug.

Here are two happy videos I took yesterday to make up for the sad.

First, I filmed James' attempts to say "cracker". It's pretty funny, if you ask me. It's a bit long, though. My favorite part is when he mimics me saying "Yeah!"

Then, later in the afternoon, I could really tell James was feeling better because he started laughing up a storm! He was ticklish all over, and he was having a wonderful time. :) (Pardon the clutter in the background...James loves to make messes!)

This video is so similar to the ticklish neck video from a few months ago. He's even wearing the same shirt. So funny. I guess no matter how much he grows and learns, some things won't change. :)


Kaylene said...

Yay for feeling better! There's nothing in this world worse than a sick baby.

The Grahams said...

glad your little guy is feeling better! we've all gotten sick over here too and are just now feeling better finally.... there's just always something going around

Blair said...

oh jenny! Your baby is SO cute. I love the way he says Bay Bee and cracker.