Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh yes, there was cake.

As is customary, we gave James a cake for his birthday to demolish however he pleased. Paul and I were quite excited for this part of the birthday celebration. (Paul was very cute about it. He insisted on chocolate cake because it "shows up better". :) ) And, oh boy, James did not disappoint us.

First he was very cautious and seemed a little bit scared to touch it.

He kept pointing at it and finally smashed his hand into the frosting.

Soon, though, he was all about the frosting. He just couldn't get enough!

And eventually he was eating cake by the fistfuls. At one point he even decided he didn't need to use his hands at all:

This video shows what he was like by the end. He was just having a grand old time! :) It was so much fun.

Here's the after shot:

That is one happy baby! Then, of course, we went straight to the tub!

It was a good time.

There are more pictures and videos on the picasa album: James Turns One. As you may notice, this is a new picasa album. We filled up our other one, and we're tightwads that don't want to pay for extra space. ;) I put a new link to it on the side menu of the blog.

I still can't believe James is already a year old!


Nick and Ashleigh said...

now that's how you eat a cake! :)

Phil said...

That is the best! I can't wait until Charlotte gets to do that. I never thought about how much better chocolate would show up, but now we are doing that for sure!

Phil said...

Oh shoot. I am signed in as Phil. this is Christy, as was the last comment.

Ralina said...

He is so cute. Awesome pictures and video.

Paula said...

I think he takes after you (Jennie) already with his love for chocolate! He did such an amazing job of thoroughly destroying his cake! It was so fun to see him all covered in it. I wish we could have been there.

Jeff said...

Is he left handed?

Jennie said...

You know, it's starting to seem like he's right-handed, actually. But he doesn't often show a preference.

I think it was a little bit of a fluke that he mostly used his left hand when eating the cake. He actually kept guiding his left hand with his right hand while he was eating.

Who knows?

The Grahams said...

I love that he got practically his whole body with the cake! He was really going for it! It would be so fun to be 1 again!