Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ups and Downs

I can't remember the last time I went this long without posting on our blog when I wasn't out of town or anything. We've had quite the week.

James has been sick for about a week now. Poor guy continues to have bug after bug these days. This time, his cold (a yucky cough and runny nose) turned into his very first ear infection. This led to his first experience with antibiotics, Amoxicillin. Yes, the pink stuff. ;) Unfortunately, James' little tummy (which was already a little bit distressed with all the mucus and such) didn't take to it very well. So, on top of the ear infection and coughing, James has had to deal with throwing up and being dehydrated. Poor guy!

On the bright side, it seems that James is getting better slowly but surely. He hasn't thrown up since yesterday morning, and he's starting to eat and drink more willingly. His cheerful attitude is mostly back, and in a week we'll be able to put the whole ordeal behind us (that's when he will finish the antibiotics). I hope!

James very kindly shared his cold with me and Paul as well. ;) Luckily, it hasn't been nearly as bad for us as it has been for him. We are both feeling quite a bit better today.

During this whole ordeal, one of the things that has really struck me is what a wonderful spirit James has. All through this unpleasantness, he has had an amazingly good attitude. Both times I took him to the doctor he acted so happy that the doctor had a hard time believing he was really sick. Even when he was at his worst, he kept trying to smile through it. At 13 months, he is an example to us of what it means to be a true optimist. I love him so much.

Here's a perfect example of James' happy (and kinda crazy ;) ) personality. It's a video Paula took of him when we were in Utah. He couldn't get enough of all the attention his aunts and uncles (and grandma!) gave him throughout the week. Yeah, just give it a'll bring a smile to your face, guaranteed.

What a weirdo! Well, he's his mother's son, what can I say? ;)

Also, as you can see, he says "hi" now. It's pretty cute. He says it when he crawls into a room, when Paul comes home from work, and when he holds things up to his ear like a phone.

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Paula said...

I'm so glad that James is feeling better and that you guys aren't too sick either! I have watched that video several times. It makes me laugh every time! James really is a happy little guy. I sure love him too!