Monday, August 10, 2009

Thank you, craigslist!

Last week, we were able to say goodbye to our teeny tiny little round dining table thanks to some wonderful finds on craigslist!

Here is our new table and chairs:

It's nice and big, and it even has a built-in leaf so that it can expand out to a square and seat eight people! It makes us feel all grown up. :)

Then, we also bought these stools for our little bar:

Now, we're all ready to host Paul's family at the end of the month! I wasn't looking forward to having to do every meal buffet-style when they are here. Now, everyone will have a seat! :)


Lisa said...

Very nice!

Paula said...

Wow! They look so nice! That's so fun that you were able to get them. It will be way nice to have them when you have company.

Sharon said...

They do look very nice! Enjoy! :)

Grace said...

We are looking forward to eating on your new table. Yum yum!

Diana Aiko Harris said...

Yeah for Craigslist!! I have to say KSL rocks too!