Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You are my Sunshine!

James has been surprising us daily with the words and phrases that he knows. Just yesterday, I took a piece of string away from him, and he held his hand out to me and said, clear as day, "Have it, please?" It was so cute! I hope he understood that even though he said please, I couldn't let him play with the string. Instead, I wadded it up into a ball, asked him if he could throw it away in the trash can, and gave it back to him. He walked straight over to the trash can and threw it away! He's getting to be such a big boy.

Today, as I was about to put James down for his nap, I decided to test him and see if he knows the words to the songs that we sing to him regularly. And he does! He started singing along with me right away. :)

After he woke up, I tried to catch it on video. He didn't do quite as well, but he still filled in some blanks.

He chose to put on that baseball hat himself. Funny boy! As you can tell from the video, he's really into stories right now. He asks for stories multiple times during the day, but mostly just after his nap and just before bed.

This is such a fun age!

Oh, and incidentally, I decided that I would also put together a post on last weekend's trip to Utah...and then I discovered that I took a grand total of two (very random) pictures the whole weekend. Oops! I'm just going to have to get some pictures from Paul's family. (Grace and Kristina, could you email me some pictures? :) )


The Bountiful Ridge's said...

James is so much fun! I can't wait to see you guys in 9 days!!!! I'm going to try and upload pictures to my picasa right now...we'll see if it works. love you guys

Paula said...

I like how he says story. I think it's really cute that he likes books so much. I bet he'll be able to sing whole songs before long! That was a fun video :).

Andrea and Eric Stevens said...

Jenny I have to tell you, Valery introduced me to your blog awhile ago and I have been hooked ever since because James is so darn cute! He is honestly the CUTEST kid I have ever seen (or watched on your blogs :). You have a cutie and talented boy on your hands!

Lisa said...

Ahhh! I want one! Wait - maybe not quite yet. :-) Do I recognize that book? going to investigate the cranberry oatmeal cookies . . .

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