Friday, October 9, 2009

Clothes are No Fun, Mom!

It all started yesterday morning when I went to get James from his crib. I opened the door, and he had completely taken off his shirt! I laughed and put it back on.

Then, later that afternoon, James was happily watching Aladdin in the living room. I turned to check on him, and he had stripped down to his diaper! No more shirt OR pants for him! Once again, I laughed and said, "James, where are your clothes?" He thought it was the funniest thing, but he brought me his clothes and let me put them back on. A few minutes later I glanced over at him, and once again, he was running around in just a diaper (thank goodness he left the diaper on!). I let him run around like that for a little while, but then got him dressed to run some errands. Luckily, that was the end of our clothing dramas for the day.

Then, last night we put James in a footed sleeper. Since there weren't two separate pieces, I hoped this would mean he would keep it on. Well...this is what greeted me when I went to get him this morning:

He managed to unzip his sleeper (but leave the snap at the top fastened) and get one leg out.

Yeah...who knows what's in store for us and our little nudist child. :)

Oh, and by the way, we've entered a new phase in picture taking with James. I say, "Smile!" and he says, "Cheeeeese!" with this fake smile plastered on his face. Yep. The Fake Smile phase. I was hoping he would be at least 3 years old before he started doing the Fake Smile. Oh well, maybe this way we'll be able to break the habit before he starts school and gets stuck with some embarrassing school portraits! ;)


Paula said...

Hahaha, James is so funny! He seems to think he's pretty funny too. I love it. It was funny, I was saying to Jamie, oh it looks like James has started his fake smile stage and then I read more and you talked about how he's doing that now.

Christy said...

I like how he is pointing his little toe in the first picture. What a cutie!

Jessica said...

I love his little fake smile, I think it is adorable!