Monday, October 19, 2009


James has been singing this song for almost two months now, but I have not been able to get him to sing it for the camera. Finally, today, he kept singing it over and over, so I asked if he could sing it for the camera. And he did!

So, now that I've told many of you about this for weeks and weeks, here it is! James sings "Kami no ko desu" (or, "I am a Child of God" in Japanese):



Hansen Family said...

That is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen! What a sweet little boy singing a sweet song!

Paula said...

Wow! I was so impressed! He has really good pitch too. James is looking older! He is going to look so old at Christmas when we see him next. I'm grateful for videos like this so I don't miss out on him growing up!

Grace said...

Good job James! Very impressive. Evie can't sing a note, but then again she is Jake's daughter.

Ralina said...

That is seriously so cute. Thanks for sharing. He is adorable. We miss you guys and play group.