Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Little Talker, Part Two

Right after I posted that last video on Saturday, I realized I left out a few words that James knows (plus, I couldn't get him to say Mommy in the first one). He was still in a talkative mood, so I decided to try again:

It's just amazing to watch him as he picks up all these words and starts to use them in the correct context. It's so much fun. :)

Oh, and like I promised, I got him dressed in clean clothes and we went out shopping right after that. See? I even took a picture for proof:

Then, that afternoon, I realized I left out (at least) two more words, one of which Paul is particularly proud of. ;) James was cooperative again this morning, so I was able to catch them on video. Take a look:

Fun times.


Nick and Ashleigh said...

I love his talking, he's so cute!

Paula said...

I think owww is my favorite. SO cute! I really could watch those videos over and over again. He makes me laugh.