Thursday, June 11, 2009

Old MacDonald...sort of

Wow, I am once again overwhelmed with pictures and stories to blog about. We must be having fun or something! ;) We sure have enjoyed seeing so much family lately. We especially had a great time in Utah last weekend where we got to spend time with both of our families. We got to meet our new nephew Michael, and we got to attend our niece Katie's blessing! I've got tons of great pictures to sort through and organize into albums and posts.

Until then, James has picked up another piece of a song. He sang it all last weekend, but I wasn't able to catch it on video. James was in a goofy mood when I took this video, so it's not all that clear, but it's definitely funny. At least I think so. :)

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Lisa said...

Who is he waving to?? That is adorable! He's getting so big.

Let's teach him to sing Nessun Dorma, it'll be fun.

Word verification: groven. I think it means groovin in Norwegian.