Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I am working on a list of words that James knows in honor of him being 18 months old this Saturday. It is proving to be a difficult task! He learns new words practically every day, and sometimes he says them out of the blue with no prompting from me or Paul. I'll post the list along with the stats from his 18-month check up next week.

Here's a little video I just took while James was eating lunch. "Raisins" is one of my favorite words to hear him say. It's just so cute. :)

He babbles all the time now, even more than before. He's always singing and chatting away! And he answers questions, too! It's so fun. Most of the time his answers are unintelligible, but when I ask him simple questions (like "Do you want more milk?" or "What do you want to eat for lunch?") he answers me. It's very exciting.

Speaking of asking him what he wants to eat for lunch, his most common answer to that question is, "Raisins!" :)


Lisa said...

Based on the repetition of that "buh-bye" I'm going to have to say you're raising a future arch-villain.

Brush those teeth!!! Raisins are extra-sticky.

Diana Aiko Harris said...

So cute! It's amazing how clear and careful he says each word! I miss you guys already! Can't wait to see you all soon! Love you all!

Jonathan said...

Daddy, Mommy, baby....is that some sort of announcement?!?!?!?


Paula said...

Hahaha, this video makes me laugh every time! I love how he's showing off...let me think of what other words I know. I love him.

Jennie said...

No, silly! ;) James still thinks he's a baby.

Grace said...

Give that grandson of ours a hug! We love to see and hear all he does! Can't get enough!

Give him a hug from Grandma Grace and Grandpa John!

See ya soon!