Friday, January 22, 2010

Almost Two!

I can't believe my little James will be two years old in less than two weeks! I've been making a sincere effort to stop calling him baby lately (in an attempt to help him be more prepared when the new baby comes), and it's so hard! He's my baby!

Whether I like it or not, though, my baby is starting to grow up already! He amazes me every day with the things he understands and the things he is capable of. For example, today he took a bag of cheerios from the diaper bag and deliberately dumped them out on the kitchen floor. This, of course, earned him a time out. The problem is he has recently figured out that the way to end a time out is to apologize. So today he almost immediately started saying "I'm sorry, Mommy!" once the time out started. I wasn't convinced he understood why he was being punished, so I said, "Why are you sorry, James?" He thought about it for a little bit and eventually said, "I dumped it out." I was so impressed!

These days he is speaking in sentences more and more and stringing together related ideas. He's finally starting to figure out his colors. He recognizes his friends at church and calls them by name. He loves going outside, playing with cars, blocks, and balls, and he's pretty darn good at wooden puzzles. He loves movies, except for the "scary" parts. Like I've mentioned before, he loves singing songs, and picks up new ones at nursery all the time. It's just incredible to watch him learn and grow!

Here's a video of James today attempting to count. He has counted from 1 to 10 for a long time now (always skipping six, for whatever reason), but I can never get a good video of it. This one is no exception. The camera just distracts him very easily. You can get the idea, though. He sure makes me smile!


Christy said...

Good for him! He is such a good counter!

Lisa said...

Ahhh he's huge! What a smart boy.