Thursday, January 7, 2010

Popcorn! Popcorn!

James loves to sing. When he's playing by himself he's always keeping up an ongoing conversation, and more often than not he sings to himself. ABC's, Jingle Bells, I Love You a Bushel and a Peck, and sometimes even songs that I have yet to identify which I'm sure he's learned from nursery.

He also picks up songs very quickly these days! I taught this one to him in one sitting a week ago. He especially loves the hand signs that go with it. His only problem is that if I don't help him along with the song he gets stuck in a perpetual loop that sounds something like this: "I looked out the window and what did I see? POPCORN! POPCORN! I looked out the window and what did I see? POPCORN! POPCORN!" And on and on like that. ;)

I helped him along for this video, so he didn't do as much singing as he usually does. Also, toward the end of the song he decided he was done and put up a little fight. I decided to post it anyway because it shows his personality a little bit, and his little disgruntled face is so cute!


Claudia said...

He's so funny! I love the "I can take an armful" line when he's making his voice higher. Thanks for the laugh!

Christy said...

What a cutie! Congratulations on having a girl! I am so excited for you. Little girls really are a lot of fun.

Emily said...

So cute! I was nannying my 3 year old cousin this week and she got stuck in an endless loop of "I am a child of God, and He has sent me here, has given me and hmm hmm hmm and I am a child of God..."

Eli & Mandy said...

LOVE it!