Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some Good Progress

Like I mentioned in my last post, James has finally been figuring out his colors! He has been working on this for the last six months or so. Since he seems to pick up other concepts so quickly, we were actually beginning to wonder if he could be color blind!

Turns out it's just a hard thing to figure out. :)

Here's a pretty typical video of James and I talking about colors. He gets most of them right, but then, out of the blue (heh heh, blue...get it? colors? oh dear), he'll get one absolutely wrong. And it's not always the same color that he messes up on. One day it'll be yellow (like it was in this video), and other days it will be green or red or blue or whatever. Anyway, I think it's cute that he's figuring it out. Take a look:


Grace said...

Isn't funny what they pick up on quickly and what takes the awhile. Evie has had her colors down for months but she can't sing one song all the way through like James can.

Paula said...

Cute! He is getting good at that! I think it's funny that when he gets it wrong he can pick the one that is actually that color. I sure miss him.

Jamie said...

SO fun! He's getting to be such a pro. I miss him too!