Friday, April 9, 2010

Adventures in Photographing a Two Year Old

Yesterday, in honor of my newly emptied SD card on my camera, I decided to try and get a cute picture or two of James. I haven't been taking as many pictures of him lately, so I thought it was a good idea.

My first step in taking pictures of James is always to feel him out and see if he's in a cooperative mood. "Can I take some pictures of you, James?" I ask. If he protests, I wait for another time. Experience has taught me that if I persist when he has said no there will be nothing but pain and frustration involved. ;) If he says "OK!" (like he did last night), I know that he will at least stay in one spot while I point the camera at him. :)

Here's how last night unfolded:

Me: "OK, smile!!"

Me: "No no no, really smile! Say cheese!!"

Me: "Oh dear. That's not it. Give me a real smile! Be happy!"

Me: *sigh* "Alright, it's time to enlist Daddy's help."

Me: "That's closer! Ok, keep trying the tickle approach! Smile, James, smile!"

Me: "Oops, I can't get the timing right with the flash...keep trying!"

And that's as good as it's gonna get! :)


Claudia said...

Hahaha. I know how the timing thing goes. I totally miss the moment with Claire 9 times out of 10 because I think my camera is just too darn slow. Yours sure make for a funny blog post, though!

Amanda said...

That's a super cute picture at the end. Hopefully worth the effort to get a two year old to cooperate :)

Anjanette said...

Sorry to tell you but it doesn't get better :) I have such a time taking pictures of Katelyn. At 3 she would give a great smile, but her eyes were always squinty or closed. Now at 4 she gives me half smiles and says she's done after the second try.