Monday, April 12, 2010


On Saturday, we went down to Oregon City with our good friends, the Belnaps.  We had fun touring an old historic house, riding the last municipal elevator in North America (and the only vertical street:  Elevator St.), checking out the waterfalls and the paper mills, and just hanging out.

We went to a little park to play in and eat some clementines.  While the dads were playing catch, we moms took the opportunity to have a little photo shoot:

Aren't they CUTE??  James and Claire are good buddies. :)

Also, I have to share this photo I managed to capture of James earlier that day:

It's just so refreshing to get a picture of him with a real smile every now and then!

Thanks for a great Saturday, Belnaps! :)  Next time, let's eat a little less food, ok?


Jamie said...

Cute pictures!! That one with James leaning over to pose with his friend makes him look so much older! And of course I LOVE the picture at the end with that beautiful, genuine smile; how magnificent!

Adamo said...

Yay! Thanks for coming with us on our not-so-well-planned-out excursion to OR City! You know we always have a great time with you guys, and this was no exception! And I agree on the food - I think we are still trying to recover from the over-indulgence. We will definitely take it easy next time!