Friday, March 29, 2013

Figure Drawing Studies with James

James has loved to draw from a very young age (see here (age 2) and here (age 3) for examples from the past). He continues to impress us with his unique perspective.

Yesterday, he was drawing and brought this picture over to me (before drawing the second image on the paper of the lion's face). I also didn't see the little toy that he was using as a reference.

Me: "Is that the back of a lion?"
James: "Yes! It's the back of a lion!"

He was so happy and proud that I knew what it was without him having to tell me. :)

He went back to work and drew the little toy from the front and then from the back at an angle (see below).

I love watching him discover things like this! It's so incredible to think that he looked at the back of his little toy lion and thought, "I can draw that!" And then he did! Complete with little ears sticking out of the top of its head. And I love that he drew the little curl of hair on the lion's face. 


brinestone said...

Wow! That's pretty impressive.

Jamie Hansen said...

Seriously! I'm way impressed. I'm no art teacher but that seems pretty advanced to be capturing perspective like that. Good for him! :)

Paula said...

I think James may have art in his future :)! I can't believe how clever these pictures are. So smart!