Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Easter Best

We had a great Easter weekend full of family, friends, good food, Easter egg hunts, and great music and lessons about the Savior. I'll write a little more about it tomorrow. For today, I wanted to share some pictures of us in our Easter Best. I even got an Easter dress this year! Sarah was especially excited because it was the first time she had a big puffy "princess" dress.

It was a sunny and beautiful day, so even though we were standing in the shade it was difficult to get pictures of our children with their sensitive eyes. Sometimes they seem like little vampires, they're so afraid of the sun!

Thank you to Kristin Killpack! She saw us struggling and came over and managed to get a couple real smile/non squinting pictures of Sarah and James:

Sam wouldn't smile for the camera. He was too enamored of the beautiful blossoms falling off the trees like snow:

 Finally, we gave up and went home to get an indoor picture of all three kids together:

Happy Easter!


Jamie Hansen said...

Great pictures! And I love your new dress, Jennie!

Cecily said...

Is that your custom dress? I LOVE it. What a great color, and it looks wonderful on you!! I love that James has his arm around Sarah's neck in that first picture. You guys are all just beautiful. :)

Paula said...

Such a beautiful family!! I love all the pictures. And Jennie, I love your new dress! It looks so good on you!

Natalie said...

What a good looking family! I love that you are back to blogging Jennie :)