Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sam's on the Move

Any day now Sam is going to figure out how to scoot. In the last few days his rolling has become more deliberate. He's even started pushing up on his arms and trying to get his legs underneath him. Yesterday, he rolled across the whole room in just seconds and ended up trapped underneath a chair.

Silly boy! :) He gets so frustrated when he can't move where he wants as quickly as he wants (I mean, he sees Sarah and James running all over!). Yesterday was the longest he has happily played on the floor. He's starting to figure it out!


Tanya said...

He's so cute Jennie! I love that instead of "rescuing" him from beneath the chair, you took a picture!

Paula said...

Go Sam! I love that he's trying to do what his siblings are doing. He's so cute and at such a fun age!

Jamie Hansen said...

He's getting so big and mobile! I can't believe he's already old enough to be doing all this!