Monday, April 29, 2013

Paul On Drugs

Last week Paul had the first of two major dental procedures he is having to fix his implant from the bike accident he had on his mission (TEN years ago!). This was the worst part (a bone graft), and we made the decision that he should be put under anesthesia for it. I was overwhelmed when Paul told me everything that was going to be involved with his care that day. He had to take the first pills for the anesthesia at home, and I had to somehow get him into the car while he was way out of it. Yikes. One thing I was hoping to gain from the ordeal were some funny videos.

Well...I got a couple videos, but they weren't quite as awesome as I hoped. If you know Paul at all, you will probably find them pretty funny. Mostly Paul just ended up being really tired and forgetful all day long.

This first video is from the parking lot at the dentist right before we left to come home. Poor guy. He was so tired. In the video he says he remembers the drive to the dentist, but later when I asked him about some of the things he said, he couldn't remember a thing. Funny Paul.

The second video is from our driveway before we went inside the house. Paul told me some awesome and random stories while we were on our way home! Unfortunately, I couldn't film him and still drive safely, so I had to try and get him to repeat the stories once we got home. The stories were completely different the second time around. What's funniest to me about this video is that you can tell he's sort of trying to be funny for the video. Also, pretty much all of Paul's dreams involve fighting and baseball...which probably surprises precisely no one. :)

That night after the kids were in bed, he was finally lucid and remembering things. I turned to him and threw my arms around him and said, "You're back! I'm so glad you're back!" He really doesn't remember much of anything from the whole day! I'm pretty sure I'll remember it for a long time.

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