Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sarah draws, too!

When you've got an older brother that can spend all day sitting at the table drawing and coloring, sometimes you have no choice but to join in!

Sarah didn't really love coloring at first, but in the last few weeks--I guess starting around Valentine's Day--she has just started trying to draw things. At first she'd draw vaguely circular shapes and either call them balloons or hearts. Then, she added strings to her balloons. And Monday, she drew her first smiley face:

I love it when kids start drawing smiley faces. It's such a fun milestone. Sarah was so proud of herself:

She kept on drawing faces all morning long. There's no such thing as saving paper when you're a little girl who just figured out how to draw a smiley face!

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Jamie Hansen said...

No like button, but I wanted to communicate that I really like this. Proud moment.