Friday, April 5, 2013

Unsolicited Parenting Tips - Part I

Here's a tip:

If you are a stay at home mom, I highly recommend finding a quiet moment to yourself sometime each day. I know it doesn't work with all kids, but if you can manage it, coordinated nap time/quiet time is THE BEST.

In the last couple weeks, Baby Sam has magically settled right into the same afternoon nap time/quiet time as Sarah and James. I get at least one whole hour of blissfully peaceful time to myself in the afternoon each day. And it is glorious.

Some may disagree with me on this next part, but if you are a stay at home mom and you find yourself with this wonderful period of quiet, DO NOT use it for housework! Just don't. Use it to recharge. Take a nap. Read a book. Watch a TV show. Work out. Work on a craft project. Eat a treat (the kids aren't up to ask you to share!). I guess if cleaning house helps you recharge, you can do that, too. If you must. ;)

In all seriousness, when I have this time to rest and recharge, I am happier. I am a better mommy. And when the little monkeys wake up, I'm excited to see them and continue our day together.

Today? I am going to curl up with a good book and some Easter candy.

And it is glorious. :)


Jessica said...

I totally agree! So glad you are getting some afternoon alone time, I hope it continues!

Paula said...

I am also firm believer in doing whatever I want during nap time! My sister-in-law (who has 6 kids) gave me the same advice a few years ago and I've lived by it ever since. I love my alone time! I haven't had overlapping naps for a little while but I'm sure working towards that!

Amanda said...

Now I feel less guilty about taking some "me time" when both kiddos are asleep. I'm totally going to read that book too--I loved Happiness Project, so this is sure to be a winner as well.