Monday, April 8, 2013

The Saga of Homeownership, Episode #72

Owning a home is awesome for so many reasons. No upstairs or downstairs neighbors to upset with our loud children. A whole room to keep the toys in. Room to entertain guests. Our own yard. We have really loved being in a home of our own for the last year and a half. The responsibilities are numerous, however, and while we have handled some relatively well, others...not so much.

One of our biggest ongoing struggles has been with yard work. Last year I was pregnant for the spring, summer, and fall. In other words, I was sick and fatigued in the spring, battling terrible hip and back pain in the summer, and just huge and miserable in the fall. Combine that with other family events and Paul being busy with work and working on his batting cage, and not much has been done in our yard for a long while. Paul mows the front every few weeks, but that's about it. As you can imagine, it has become quite overgrown.

On Saturday, between sessions of General Conference, we looked outside and lo, it was not raining. We seized the moment and took to the front yard to pull some weeds. Natalie even joined in! (Thanks, Natalie!)

Sam watched on, though he thought it was a little too bright out:

Sarah and James had a blast getting nice and dirty.

Paul mowed the lawn while the rest of us started pulling weeds. We didn't get as much done as I would have liked, but it was a start!

It started drizzling after about an hour or so, so we had to come in. When I broke the news to James that we were going to have to stop for now he said, "No! We have to finish!!" Hopefully his enthusiasm will continue, because the battle has only just begun.


Paula said...

Yay for yard work! It really is endless. I love Sam's sunny face. So cute!

Jamie Hansen said...

Haha, and Sarah's is a hoot too. What fun.