Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sam is Six Months Old!

How this is possible, I will never know. But the calendar doesn't lie, and somehow our little Samuel Kenji has already lived for half of a year in our family! He is a sweet and easy going baby, and I can't imagine our family without him.

A few things about Sam at six months:
  • He is finally sleeping in his own room, and he seems to enjoy it. Last night he slept for almost 12 hours!
  • He loves to be included in the action, especially when his older siblings are involved.
  • He gets super frustrated that he isn't mobile yet. A few months ago, he'd get mad whenever we put him on his tummy because he hadn't mastered rolling over. Now that he rolls all over the place, he just gets frustrated that he can't figure out how to get himself to where he wants to go!
  • He is a drool machine. Hopefully the teeth he's working on growing will poke through soon so that he can get some relief in that department.
  • He's quite ticklish, and we can almost always get some good laughs out of him by tickling his tummy, neck, or legs.
We love our Baby Sam!

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