Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Root, root, root for the....Yankees?!

Last night was Paul's Opening Night! Even though it was clear across Portland and would mean quite a late bedtime for the kids, we couldn't miss it! Paul was so excited, and so were we.

It was a tad chilly after the sun went down, and James required us to make not one but THREE trips to one of the nastiest port-a-potties I have ever encountered, but all in all we had a great time cheering on Paul and the rest of the Portland *gulp* Yankees.

I'm not sure it will get easier to cheer for the Yankees! We'll keep on trying, though. Around when it would have been the 7th inning stretch (which actually ended up being the end of the game), James and Sarah and I sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", and it was so unnatural to sing, "Root, root, root for the Yankees". It was definitely a first for me.

Paul went 1 for 2, with a single that ended up scoring the only run for their team. They ended up losing 3-1, but it was a good game!

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