Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sarah's First Dentist Appointment

Yesterday we packed up all the kids into the back of Natalie's little Honda Civic and made a big trip to the dentist. Sarah, James, and I all had cleanings, but for Sarah it was special because it was her first time! She was so excited to have her turn in the big chair like she has seen her brother do.

And she did such a good job! On James' first visit (which you can see pictures of here), he was very timid and wouldn't let them come anywhere near him with the suction tube. Sarah let them do everything! They cleaned her teeth and put fluoride foam on them. She was a very brave little girl!

Ready to get started!

So happy to be in the big chair.

A little bit concerned...

All clean!

James did very well, too! He let them take four great x-rays (the hygienist didn't even use the pediatric sized tools), and he did his fluoride foam in a tray! What a trooper!

We won't talk about how my cleaning went. Let's just say pregnancy does a number on your teeth, and I've had three of them. Also, I hadn't had x-rays done for a year and a half (due to some unavoidable delays and being pregnant with Sam). It wasn't a pretty picture. Yikes.

A big thank you to Natalie, who sat in the waiting area the whole time and took care of Sam and the other two kids when it wasn't their turn! I am so glad you were with us!

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Sharon said...

That's so nice that you had help while you went! I soooo need to go to the dentist...it's been over 3 years since I've gone, so now I'm getting scared. :)