Friday, August 29, 2008

He's gonna eat me!

Lately James has developed an even bigger smile than before (crazy I know...I didn't think his smiles could get any bigger). Unfortunately, these smiles sometimes look more than a bit frightening. ;)

Here's the evidence:

But hey, at least it's not hard for me to catch pictures that show his teeth anymore, right? Ha ha.

Aside from smiling like a monster, James has been up to his same old shenanigans. Here's a picture from a couple nights ago. He was crawling around the floor in our bedroom and completely pulled the front off our heater vent!

He also seems to have mastered pulling himself up to standing on things that aren't very high. He's still very wobbly when he gets there, and he's fallen down quite a few times, but he thinks it's pretty cool.

He makes me smile.


Paula said...

Those pictures are amazing!! I can't believe how big his smile is. I don't think I've ever seen a bigger smile! Those made me laugh, and I think it's pretty crazy how active he's getting! So fun!

Jonathan said...

My nephew is the coolest kid ever!!! He's super buff and has a great smile...I'm excited to see him soon...hopefully we can figure out a way to see him soon!

John Peterson said...

He makes us smile Too!!! Luv Gramma and Grampa Peterson

Amanda and Bryce said...

You know, I really do think he's going to eat me...just to get back for all those baby-eating jokes. You better watch out too, Jennie: he's in a much better position to eat you than me. :P