Friday, August 8, 2008

New York Trip Part One - NYC and the Angels!

Our adventures began last Wednesday night as we embarked on an overnight flight that would eventually bring us to NYC on Thursday morning. At least James was excited about it:

Paul and I tried to get as much sleep as we could on the plane, but of course we had very little success. As a result, the first day of our trip was marked by extreme fatigue and more than a little loopiness. ;)

Since this was my first time in New York City, I was in awe of pretty much everything we saw. I woke up Paul before we landed to point out the Statue of Liberty, I freaked out at each recognizable landmark, and I made no effort to hide the fact that I was a tourist (not that we could have hid that fact even if we tried--the Angels garb gave us away at every turn ;) ).

Once we forged our way through traffic and got the cars parked, our first stop was genuine New York City pizza!

It was delicious! We folded it as we ate and everything. :)

Once we finished our pizza and started to discuss where we should go next with our limited amount of time, all heads turned to me and Paul. They let us choose since they would have more time in the city at the end of the trip and we would not! Isn't that nice? Well, I knew we wouldn't have time for much, so I quickly suggested Central Park, and we piled into three different taxis (more Jennie freaking out! REAL NYC taxis!) and made our way to the park.

It was HUGE (way bigger than I imagined it would be) and very beautiful. We decided to go to the zoo there, and I was actually able to meet up with my friend Cat from high school for a short time. I'm still amazed that we were actually able to find each other (ok, let's be honest, Cat did all the finding...I just did my best to describe my surroundings ;) ).

After the zoo we were all hot, sweaty, and tired...but there was certainly no time to rest! :) We headed off to Yankees Stadium for the first big highlight of the trip!

As I mentioned before, we all struggled to stay awake during the game. Steven and Stephanie were completely asleep at some points! (Hey Steven, did you get a bruise from hitting your face on that metal bar in front of you? ;) True story. )

The game was awesome, though. It was cool to be in such a historic stadium. I'm glad we got to go before they tear it down next year. Overall thoughts from the game: 1) It's very humid in New York. 2) The Angels are AWESOME. 3) Everything I thought about Yankees fans is true and then some...don't get me started on that one.

It got too hot for James (which is too bad because we had his Angels warm-up suit all ready for him to wear), and we ended up having to strip him down to just his diaper.

Oh, and I said that I was going to New York to see the Angels slaughter the Yankees. Well, guess what?

Oh yeah! Way to go Angels!

After the game we made our way back to the hotel where we fell asleep as soon as our heads hit our pillows...well, as soon as James stopped crying anyway. Unfortunately, he was overtired at this point and it took him longer than usual to fall asleep. Once he did, though, we managed to get about five hours of uninterrupted sleep before we had to wake up again for our second day of adventures!

For convenience, here's another link to our photo album (with the rest of the pictures that I didn't post here) for this day: New York City.

Stay tuned for our adventures in Cooperstown!


Paula said...

Hooray! I'm glad that I get to start catching up on your trip! We are up at the JSB using BYU internet...sneaky us!

Jonathan said...

I miss my nephew!!!!!