Monday, August 25, 2008

James' First Swim!

Last Saturday Paul and I decided to take James to the swimming pool in our apartment complex. He's had mixed reactions to water so far--he loves bath time when it's in the sink, he's ok with it in the tub, but he hates showers. We had a feeling he'd like it, but you never know.

So, excited to experience another "first" with our little guy, we headed out to the pool. First thing we noticed? The water was FREEZING cold. We didn't get all decked out in our swimming gear just to be scared off by cold water, though.

First, Paul sat on the steps and let James look around and get a feel for things.

James didn't seem to mind how cold the water was at all. It was funny. It's not that he didn't get cold--we had to take him out after a little while because his lips started to turn purple--he just didn't care. :) Apparently he's just like his dad. Paul was always the one with the purple lips still swimming happily when he was a kid. So cute!

He was completely fascinated by the water. I couldn't get him to look up at the camera at all! He didn't smile much, either, but he definitely started having fun. He splashed around as his daddy took him zooming (well, ok, not quite zooming...probably more like coasting) through the pool.

When we noticed he was getting cold, we took him out, and I sat in a chair with him wrapped up in a huge beach towel. Paul stayed in the pool to get a few laps in. After about ten minutes, though, James was ready to get back in! He started reaching out for Paul from my lap. :) So, we let him have another go.

Looks like we have a little water baby on our hands! We've started looking into baby swim classes at the rec center. As soon as we can afford it, James and I will probably enroll! :)

Oh, and by the way, I got in the pool with them after I finished taking pictures. I don't want anyone thinking I wimped out!

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Jonathan said...

AWESOME!!!! An H2O Polo lefty!!!