Friday, January 16, 2009

"Hi, James!"

James has a few new tricks, but it's been hard to catch them on camera. He has this "camera face" that he usually does the second he sees the camera and then won't do anything else.

Exhibit A:


Well, he cracks me up, anyway!

So, we've been trying to teach James to wave since before Christmas, and something finally clicked a few days ago, and now he's been waving up a storm. He gets very excited about it and waves his whole arm around. :)

I managed to get one good wave in this video. I would have tried again to see if he'd wave more, but he started babbling away at the end of the video, and I thought it was cute. His babbling has gotten much more conversational lately. If only we could know what he was trying to say!

(By the way, the noise in the background of the video is the dryer going...sorry! Oh! And can you believe the sunshine coming in the window! It's the dead of winter in Oregon, and this is our third or fourth sunny day in a row!)


Paula said...

I love his wave! I think I would wave at him all day. I also think his camera face is hilarious. He's such a funny kid.

Kaylene said...

That's too cute! I still haven't been able to get Carter to wave. He's a stubborn little thing. I'll have to show him the video tomorrow and see if he picks up any pointers. :)

Jamie said...

That's just about the cutest thing ever. I love how much he was talking too! It's like he was answering you. So fun. Miss you both tons already!

The Bountiful Ridge's said...

I think Jennie and James should tag along in Paul's suitcase this week...just a thought

Claudia said...

I guess I should've waved at him at church yesterday! I could've experienced it first hand!