Friday, January 2, 2009

Now this he gets from his mom!

I've always suffered from compulsions to organize and sort things. Just ask anyone who has seen me eat Skittles, Smarties, M&Ms or any other candy that comes in assorted colors. It's just something I've done all my life. I sort conversation hearts. I sort my Halloween candy. I alphabetize my DVDs. I could go on and on, but this story is about James.

We noticed when we were in Colorado for Jamie's homecoming, that James really loved playing with the colored blocks my mom got out. The main thing that caught our attention was that he would be holding one block in each hand, and they were pretty much always the same color and shape.

I noticed that the two blocks he was holding were always the same color, but I assumed people were handing him blocks that matched. No one was. He was actually choosing blocks that matched!

So, over Christmas when we were once again in Colorado, my mom and I put it to the test. We would give him one block and then hold out two blocks for him to choose from. He would inevitably go for the one that matched the one he was already holding! Over and over again! We'd switch hands, switch blocks, even make him choose from the whole box of blocks, and sure enough he would pick matching blocks. Crazy kid! :)


Lisa said...

Wait - doesn't everyone sort their colored candy? How else can you eat your least favorite color/flavor first and work your way to the best ones??? And alphabetizing DVDS and CDs and books is just common sense, it saves time. I'm sure everyone does that too.


Tanya said...

Agreed. I firmly believe that clothes in closets are only happy when they are with like colors.

The Bountiful Ridge's said...

I have to admit...our closet is definitely organized by color...including Jonathan's side. And I too sort my colored candy, but I then eat them in a manner so that I always have the same number of each color until they're gone...hmmm

Emily said...

Ha ha... he definitely didn't get that from his dad :)

Morgan & Heidi Taylor said...

Wow! That is impressive! What a smart little guy with the blocks!