Friday, January 23, 2009

No Place Like Home for the Holidays - Part One

I bet you all thought you were done reading these types of posts, didn't you? Well, leave it to me to post about November and December at the end of January. (Am I the only one that feels like time has dramatically sped up all of the sudden?? It's already the end of January!)

We had a wonderful holiday season made up of THREE trips to visit with family. Three! I felt so lucky. This blog really wouldn't be an accurate record if I just let those three trips go unmentioned. You've seen a handful of pictures from these trips as Wordless Wednesdays and on the sidebar of the blog, but I just couldn't leave it at that.

The first of the three trips was to Colorado for Jamie's homecoming! What a great way it was to start the holiday season--being together as a family for the first time in a year and a half. :) I'm grateful that Paul supported me in going to Colorado just a week before Thanksgiving even though he couldn't take off work and go with me.

You've seen the pictures from the happy reunion at the airport. And boy was it a happy reunion!

The rest of the week was spent relaxing, playing games, and just spending glorious time together as a family. James loved meeting his Aunt Jamie for the first time.

And he loved showing off his new tricks: clapping and doing 'so big!' (shown below).

We visited Grandma at work.

And James loved playing with his cousin Becca. They got to be good friends. :)

There was fun to be had by everyone, not just the babies. :)

There was even a surprise visit by Grandma Larson and Sharon! They literally knocked on our door Sunday morning before church and came with us to see Jamie's homecoming talk. It was so exciting!

Overall, the time went by fast, but we knew we'd be seeing each other again soon, for Christmas. It was such a happy time!

We took tons of pictures, so I put some up on our picasa album: Jamie's Homecoming. Take a look!

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