Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just out of Reach

So, certain people have requested more videos on our blog because they miss their nephew. Since they made that request, I've been trying to remember to take out the camera when James does something funny. Of course, as all you parents know, as soon as the camera comes out the baby tends to stop whatever it was they were doing and stare blankly at you. ;)

Despite this fact, I managed to capture something funny this morning.

James has recently discovered the buttons on the front of the TV. This makes it rather difficult for Paul and I when we want to watch a movie, but James finds it endlessly amusing. Today, James was making his morning rounds around the living room (look out the window, check and see if Mommy accidentally left something on the couch he can reach, say hi to the shoe basket, pull the VCR out onto the know, the basics ;) ). After pulling out the VCR, he decided to turn on the TV. One of his favorite buttons is the input button, so he pushed it until the DVD screen came up. At this point something else caught his eye, so he crawled away. Gotta love that short attention span.

Well, you know how DVD players have a screen saver mode? Ours kicked in, and when James saw the colored ball traveling across the screen he knew he had to catch it. It was hilarious!

I sure thought it was funny, anyway. We'll see if it's funny to anyone that wasn't here! Take a look...

Poor guy! It must have been frustrating that he couldn't pin the dang thing down! :)


Paula said...

Hahaha, oh James. You came so close! He seemed pretty patient about it. His sounds really do seem more conversational! He seemed to answer you when you asked him why he couldn't get it. So cute.

Lisa said...

It's like a cat or dog and a laser light . . . only not quite. He's so big!!!