Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, let me say right off, we didn't finish unpacking this weekend. Oh well. However, we did do a few fun/productive things!

First thing Saturday morning, we decided James absolutely needed some kind of toy or device to keep him happy when I have to do something other than hold him. Before we moved, Paula and Brian had been letting us use a couple of their things that Becca no longer used (a bouncer and a playmat). I've been feeling their absence since we got here. ;) Over the last couple weeks, James has been very grumpy, and he has recently started screaming almost every time I lay him down on a blanket to play. We've been planning on investing in some kind of baby thing for a while now, and I've been looking at all sorts of "devices". James is a pretty active little guy, so I started looking at exersaucers and other jumper-type entertainers. They all started at four-months of age, and James will be four months old next week, so we figured it was a good idea! We ended up buying this Baby Einstein activity jumper:
The seat spins around so James can play with things on all four sides, and the entire middle section is attached to four springs, so he can jump up and down. Paul and I thought it looked like fun. :) Here he is putting it together:

We were thrilled that when we put James in it he smiled and started playing with the toys in front of him! It seems we made a good choice! :)

He's still a tad small for it, so he gets frustrated after playing for a short time, but we think he'll be able to play in it for longer amounts of time as he gets older. We also bought a cheap vibrating chair to replace the bouncer he used to like. So far we haven't had as much success with that one. He may have outgrown the "Calming Vibrations". I'm glad it wasn't too expensive!

Other than that, we played our Wii and read a lot from Inkheart this weekend. It was very relaxing. Paul especially enjoyed sleeping in. :) Don't worry though! In between all the relaxing and playing, we finally finished one room in our apartment: the kitchen! It's the only room in the apartment that's completely settled in (many are close, but none of them are finished). It's such a relief to have a usable kitchen! Here's a picture:

I can't wait for the rest of the apartment to be settled, too.

Oh, and in case any of you were wondering, James' blanket shenanigans continue to amuse us (I promise I didn't put the blanket on his head):


Jeff said...

Great pics! I promise we will start posting stuff on our blog soon.

Paula said...

Sounds like a very fun weekend! That looks like a way fun toy. You guys picked a really good one. Those pictures of James were SO cute!! I laughed a lot at the last picture. Your kitchen looks beautiful! I have also enjoyed having our kitchen unpacked.

Lisa said...

I think you should know that I'm getting used to you posting lots of blog entries. Basically, I'm addicted. So don't go making fifty million best friends and playing in parks with James just because he's old enough and reading books and stuff and forgetting about posting. No no. I will go into full-on withdrawal. Like House. And hiring my security guard to write blog entries would not work as well as getting him to sneak in Vicodin.

I mean it.