Monday, May 12, 2008

Moving Day!

Well, we didn't get as far as we planned. :) I'm currently posting from Jonathan's computer in Bountiful. See, it took all day to clean our apartment (I knew it would, we were behind), and we didn't get started on the road until 5:00pm. Right as we got to Bountiful we hit rush hour traffic, so we decided to stop for dinner at Arctic Circle with Jonathan and Kristina. We started talking about it, and we realized there's no reason for us to make this trip needlessly stressful. There's no reason we can't take an extra day to get there. So, instead of stressing about staying awake and pulling in to Boise at almost midnight, we got to spend a relaxing evening watching a movie with Jonathan and Kristina. AND we get to have a full night of sleep (as long as James cooperates...cross your fingers!)! Tomorrow will be totally laid back because the truck's all packed and our apartment is behind us now. Man! I should have taken some pictures of the apartment when it was empty! Oops.

Anyhow, because the cord for the camera is packed somewhere in our 14 foot U-Haul, I once again do not have a relevant picture. Here's one of James thinking he's hot stuff (he's already like his dad!) :


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The Bountiful Ridge's said...

We loved having you!!! And we definitely enjoyed having a few more giggles and squeals with James :).