Friday, May 9, 2008

Things are happening!

We have officially gotten rid of our ugly (and uncomfortable!) couches! Paul even got a tad nostalgic as he loaded them on our friend's truck and said goodbye. :) I'm so excited that they will not be making the trip to Oregon with us. Paul's Mother's Day gift to me is that we get to use our tax rebate on a new couch. It's a big splurge, but it will be fun!

In other news, I took James to the doctor today because I felt a tiny bump under the skin on his neck when I was feeding him this morning. The doctor said it's probably just a swollen lymph node or a small cyst, but to watch it. The exciting part is that we got to weigh him! I always like seeing how much weight he has gained. Our big baby is now 14 pounds 6 ounces! Almost six and a half pounds heavier than when he was born!

And, because I can and because I don't have a more related picture, here's another cute one of James, this time playing with his daddy:

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Eli & Mandy said...

New couches are always fun! Isn't it such a relief to toss out the crap? James is too cute and he looks happy. You've gotta be a great mom. Happy Mother's Day Jennie!