Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our trek to Oregon (continued)

I had Paul fish me out a cord for the camera out of his big box of cords so I could upload the pictures from our trip. Here are a few good ones (the rest can be found here).

The drive through the gorge was amazing. I swear there were 50 different shades of green on the mountainside. These pictures don't really do it justice since we were on the road.

Apparently there are some amazing hikes around here with waterfalls everywhere. We're planning on buying a good carrier for James and taking him on some adventures this summer. I'm sure we'll get better pictures then.

This is the view of Mt. Hood from the freeway. We saw it from above when we flew in to find an apartment in April. It's very impressive. I hope it doesn't erupt any time soon!

Our new couch! I didn't mean for it to be red (though red's my favorite color :) ). It was the only cover that we both liked. I intended to get a more neutral color, but oh well. Bold it is!

Here's the cute picture of James (the blog entry wouldn't be complete without at least ONE!)! He doesn't just lay on blankets anymore. I spread out the blanket and put him in the middle, turn around for two minutes, and he's like this! It's hilarious. I'm thinking we have to baby-proof the apartment much sooner than we anticipated. :)

Anyway, things continue to progress on the settling in front. We met our new ward today, and they seem very friendly. I'm so grateful for the church and that we have this built-in network. It makes me feel much less alone while we're so far away from our families.

Paul set up our Wii finally, and he's currently playing Mario Kart against people from all around the world. Crazy times.

More stories soon to come! Goodnight!

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Kaylene said...

Love the couch! Did you get it from IKEA? And James is a major cutie. I love that in the picture of the sofa he's on the floor with the blanket in his face. I was wondering what was going on there until you explained his new habit. :)