Monday, June 16, 2008

The Four Month Appointment

James' Four-Month appointment last week went well. The doctor thought he was adorable (of course ;) ), and that he was a very active and social baby. He was rolling all over the table and making cute talking sounds. As always, he was quite a hit with the nurses. :)

Here are the stats: James is now 14 lbs 4oz. I must admit, I thought he would weigh more at this appointment. Many babies have doubled their birth weight by this point, and James is still two pounds away from that. It's ok though, he looks healthy and he's still in the 50th percentile of weight. He's 26 in. long which is the 90th percentile (who knew he was tall!). The weird part (and the only thing that could cause any worry at this point) is that his head is rather big. It's in the 95th percentile now, whereas it used to be in the 40th. Jumps in head size are worrisome, but the doctor said she didn't feel anything unusual in his head. Just in case, I'm bringing him back in a month to be measured and checked. I've decided not to worry until then. That appointment is the second week in July, so I'll let you all know how it goes.

As for the shots, James is quite a trooper. He calmed down very quickly--even more quickly than last time, and I thought he calmed down quickly then! He had to get stuck four times, which was sad. I'm always in awe of what a strong boy James seems to be. He slept a while (while I drove to Puyallup, WA), and when he woke up, he was a happy camper! No fever, no grogginess, no fussiness! It was like any other day.

I'm glad that I was able to find a highly recommended pediatrician so close to home (it's less than a mile away).

And because every blog entry needs pictures, James and I had a little photo session this morning:

He gets really happy in his jumper lately. Paul and I decided it was a very good purchase. :) He'll play in it for quite some time now.

And now for his close-up, ha ha.

He sure is a cutie! He really does make me happy. I was playing with him this morning on my bed, and he was reacting to everything I did. He loves unconditionally. There's a reason Christ taught that we should be like children, and I can see it in James.

And before I go, I thought I'd leave a teaser of all the things I have to post about in the near future (things have gotten a little backed up). A lot has been happening, so that means more updates! Here's what's coming soon:
  • My trip with James to Puyallup, Washington to see my aunt.
  • Paul's first ever business trip to Chicago, including a visit to historic Wrigley's field.
  • James' first solid food!
  • Paul and I attempt to feed the homeless.
  • James found his feet!
  • My first new cooking endeavor - the crock pot.
Be excited. :)


Paula said...

James has the biggest smiles I think I've ever seen! I absolutely love the pictures. They make me want to play with him a lot! James also sounds really healthy! I'm sure his head is completely normal. He's just smart!

Lisa said...

I have this mental image of you an Paul trying in vain to get homeless people to take spoonfuls of oatmeal.

It's pretty funny.