Friday, June 20, 2008

Big Milestones for James!

James keeps doing new things and amazing us every day. Here are a few things that he's been up to lately:

First off, I mentioned it before, but James has been eating rice cereal! The doctor said it might help his sleeping...and it seems like it might have! He has slept pretty much the whole night for the past four nights! Here's a video from the first time we fed him the cereal:

Also, as I alluded to in my list of things for upcoming posts, he found his feet! It's adorable. He plays with them all the time. Sometimes he doesn't cry when he wakes up because he's amusing himself by playing with his feet.

And, last but not least, he scoots! He's a bit upset in the video I got because he had been doing it for a while, and he was getting tired of it. I'll try and get another video of his antics soon. :) Today he spent a good hour rolling/scooting all over (and off of) a big quilt I laid on the floor for him. For now, I hope you don't think I'm a bad mom for posting a video of him when he's upset.

He's so much fun lately! (Well, except when he's hungry and refuses to eat...but that's another story.)

Well, James and I are leaving for Colorado tomorrow, and I'm not quite caught up with the blog. I think my internet access might be quite limited while I'm there. And really, who wants to spend time on the internet when you can spend time with your family? :) So, don't expect any posts from me in the next week. I'm sure we'll have many adventures while we're there, and I'm very excited to see my family!

Bye for now!

Oh, and if we're very lucky, maybe Paul will blog about his trip to Chicago when I'm gone. :)


Kaylene said...

He is too cute! He's so much closer to crawling than Carter who still refuses to spend more than 2 seconds on his tummy. Give him a hug for me and have fun in CO!

Lisa said...

I know where my feet are too.

Ok, but I don't look that cute when I grab them. I'm pretty sure. I'll try it in the mirror.


He's nice and let's me be incompetent around tiny people with him. That's very thoughtful.

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