Thursday, November 13, 2008

Short, small, and on the go!

James had his 9 month doctor's appointment this week! I can't believe that his next doctor's appointment is 1 year! Time really has flown by. Anyway, James is a little guy, but he's perfectly healthy according to the pediatrician. :) Here are the stats:

Weight: 18 lbs (8th percentile!)
Height: 27 3/4 inches (26th percentile)
Head: 46 cm (64th percentile)

Yep, he' still a big headed skinny boy. ;) I asked if I should be concerned about his weight, and the doctor said definitely not. He's so active, he eats well and sleeps well, and he did gain a little over 2 pounds in the last three months. Nothing to worry about! If he would just sit still for more than two seconds he could probably pack on a little weight. Ha ha.

James just keeps me happy every day. If it weren't for him, I would be going crazy sitting at home by myself everyday. He is so joyful and loving! Lately he has started giving "hugs". He'll put his arms around my shoulders or Paul's shoulders and hold on tight. It's so cute. He also really loves playing around on the floor with us. He scrambles all over us and tries to grab our noses, and we make him fly around like a little airplane. Oh the joys of playing with babies!

I didn't have any good pictures for this entry, so I took these yesterday. James was trying to climb over my knees to get to the camera the whole time. :)


Stephie said...

Jennie he's getting so big. I'm so happy for you and you're little family :)

Nicole said...

jennie that was so Parker too. He ate a ton but never sat still. he is still on the small side, but what can you do.

Grace said...

We are looking forward to your visit at Thanksgiving time. We want to play with him too! I need to start child proofing our house. Hmmmm .... got to think about that one.

See ya in 2 weeks.