Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where's Baby Waldo?

Over the past couple days, our little Baby Waldo has had quite a few adventures! He has been spotted in several locations in the Beaverton area.

First, he decided to do some shopping.

He almost got lost a couple of places along the way. Can you find him?

I'm pretty sure those clothes are too big for you, little Waldo!

Someone almost tried to buy him at one point. Baby Waldo is NOT for sale!

After the shopping, it was time for some chores around the house.

Chores left little Waldo kinda hungry...

After his snack, he decided it was time to go outside and play!

After all these adventures, Baby Waldo was tuckered out. He needed some quality cuddle time.

For more pictures of Baby Waldo's adventures, click here!

Happy Halloween!


Paula said...

Hahaha! Brian and I laughed a lot at those pictures! James makes such a cute baby Waldo. Brian was commenting on how much he loves James' smile. He was so happy in all of them! Such a cute costume and such a cute baby! I miss you guys.

The Bountiful Ridge's said...

We have the cutest nephew EVER!!! and the most clever sister-in-law EVER! :) Miss you guys...

Ashley said...

Too cute Jenny!

Michelle said...

This is so cute! What a good idea.