Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mini Panic!

Sitting here just now I realized that I don't yet have an awesome idea for James' Halloween costume! AHH! It's his first Halloween ever! He needs a great costume!

Any ideas?? I'm up for almost anything, but it can't be too expensive to make/buy. I'd like it to be clever and cute. And it may be fun to involve the whole family. (Paul and I don't have costumes yet either!)



Amanda and Bryce said...

When all else fails, pick characters from books! Like you could be Bella, Paul could be Edward, and James could be Edward Jacob Cullen (the child that should have been born). Or (now for the actual ideas) you could be Alice in Wonderland, and James could be the Chesire Cat or Tweedle Dee and Paul could be the Mad Hatter or Tweedle Dum. Or Tarzan, Jane, and Cheetah (was that the monkey's name?). Anyhow, you get my point. Have fun!

Breanna said...

Hurray, I was able to remeber your blog address....of course if you know you guys, it's not that hard! He should go as the mouse in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and (mice are easy costumes) and pin a cloth cookie to his costume (you can make one from light brown cloth and black fabric paint).